Tourist in Our Own Town

Andy and I decided to be tourists one day in DC. We stopped at the American History Museum. Neither of us have visited since they renovated. My favorite part was seeing the Star Spangled Banner. A pretty amazing feat when you consider the lack of technology.

We then justified our pig-out at Lauriol Plaza by walking 2.25 miles to the restaurant. On the way, we passed a beautiful Methodist church with a sunflower garden. Yellow, red, multi-colored, …gorgeous!


Red. And the bees were everywhere.

Partially bloomed.


Thinking of popping out.


Just starting with some beautiful color coming through.


Check out the detail on the bee’s wings. Wow.

So after a dinner of chips, salsa, margaritas, fajitas, and more chips and salsa, we decide to head home. Another walk to burn off some of those chips.

But wait…there’s more! We leave the restaurant and just happen to see a wine shop having tastings! Score! ┬áCan the day get any better? You bet. What could that be? A chocolate tasting, of course…just one block away.

And that, friends, is a day well spent.