18 Weeks

February 5

Here’s the bump! Ok, it’s still small,but it’s there! My mom predicts that by Week 20, it will be a real bump. Besides this being my first pregnancy, someone else told me that I’m probably carrying very low which is also why it’s taking longer for the bump to show.

Baby-Bump-Week-18 (1 of 3)

It is absolutely amazing how differently women’s bodies handle pregnancy. Now that I’m experiencing this myself, I find it very interesting to read or talk to other women about how and when their body changed. You have so little control over it, which to me, has been the oddest (and most difficult) sensation.

I have a co-worker that tends to make awkward comments. For instance, he once told my coworker he liked the color of her “under blouse” (aka tank top or camisole).  He also once told me that my purple shirt looks very nice with my hair color. He really means well but the comments just come off so wrong. If he wasn’t such a kind-hearted guy that truly means the nicest thing, it would be completely inappropriate. I was walking down the hall and says “Oh well, it looks like you’re starting to show just a little bit.” I said “Yeah, just a bit.” His response: “Someday, it’s just going to pop out” while motioning like fireworks exploding. Then finishes it up with “Ya know, some women would love to be as svelte as you.” AWKWARD!! He also refers to my pregnancy as “my situation.”

On another note, I’ve got a new invention. Maternity jeans are awesome and so comfortable. Why the heck do we not have regular jeans with these type of waistbands? Just think, there would be a decrease in muffin-tops, the bump from your jeans button wouldn’t stick out from your shirt, and really, we’d all just be a bit more comfortable. Just a thought! Anyone want to go in with me?

Baby-Bump-Week-18 (3 of 3)


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