19 Weeks

February 12

The belly is making progress. Yay! Even a few people that know me said they could see it. There was definitely a lot more stretching in the belly region this week. Sadly, we didn’t get around to taking pictures this week. For the 20 Weeks post, I’ll be sure to have some.

Things I’ve learned during pregnancy (so far):

  • The good
    • I’m more and less self-conscious about my body. Less, because I realize I was doing pretty good pre-pregnancy. More, because the bit of weight I’ve gained with almost no bump just makes me feel fat. Either way, there’s a life growing inside me and that’s pretty amazing!
    • If I don’t feel like working out, that’s ok. My goal is no zeros (some sort of activity every day)  so even if I don’t get to the gym, a short walk or a few squats is good for both the baby and me. And, a bit more shut-eye isn’t so bad either.
    • Pregnancy is a good excuse for just about everything! 😉
    • My original small ‘girls’ are nice, comfortable, and fit easier into clothes.
  • The Bad:
    • Not everyone gets the pregnancy glow. Some get dry skin, breakouts, and dull, dry hair. Yeah, that’s me…thanks baby. Maybe it’s still coming?
    • Not everyone can do the hairband trick with their pants. The few pounds I’ve gained went to my hips and thighs so my jeans no longer fit around them even if I don’t button them. I also think my hip joints have already widened because I find it hard to believe 4 pounds can make that much of a difference.
    • Energy levels should increase in the 2nd trimester? I’m still waiting. Okay, it’s not as bad as it was but there are still some days I can’t make if off the couch once I’m home from work. Playing on the internet even takes too much energy.
    • My brain is mush. Pregnancy Brain? A myth or not, my head is in a constant state of fog and trying to clear it up has proven impossible.

Big day tomorrow!!! We find out the sex of the little one. What’s your guess? Boy or girl? Will the baby cooperate? Please cooperate, little one.


3 thoughts on “19 Weeks

    • That’s awesome. Thanks so much! I’ll be sure to pass it on. And…I’ll let you know if you guessed right tomorrow. (We have to make sure all the family knows before we announce it to the world.) 😉

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