It’s A…

We did a little test with a few old wives tales to see if it could predict if we are having a boy or girl.

The baby’s heartbeat was over 140 = Girl
According to the Chinese gender chart = Girl
Morning Sickness (definitely had it but not too bad) = Either
Gaining weight on hips and bum = Girl
I’m breaking out a bit = Girl
I’m craving salty  = Boy
I’m carrying low = Boy
Cold Feet = Boy
My hair has become dull = Girl
Drano trick = You’re crazy if you think I tried this!
Mayan Legend = Girl
Girl = 6
Boy = 3
Either = 1

Soooooo…it was WRONG!

We’re having a BOY!!! Watch the video for a recap of the day.

It's A Boy Sonogram

We almost didn’t find out. The little man would not cooperate. The ultrasound tech, Zoe (she was awesome) started showing us the pictures and talked us through everything she was seeing. His head was facing my back when she started and he was moving like crazy and flipping from front to back. When she went for the legs, the umbilical cord was in the way. Then, the little bugger found a little comfy nook and WOULD NOT move. The tech kept trying to get him to move and even had me lying on my left side for a bit. He wouldn’t budge. She kept going for in between the legs. The next time, his hand was covering everything. More than an hour later, she got the little man to spread his legs and said “that right there is a boy.” He was making her work so hard to check everything out, she was having to ignore protocol and do the appointment out of order. She was having so much trouble, she asked that we come back in 2-4 weeks to finish the measurements.

It's A Boy (3 of 4)After the appointment, Andy and I went to brunch. We both admitted we were a little disappointed it wasn’t a girl. Funny though, we both said we wanted a boy leading up to the day. We think we’d have had the same feeling whether is was a boy or a girl.

We went out to dinner with our families (minus Andy’s sick dad and my brother) and had the waitress bring out a big bunch of blue balloons. We ended up picking the loudest restaurant — good thing we brought a visual! My brother couldn’t be there so we surprised him at his work. We definitely got some interesting looks walking into a fancy restaurant in jeans and carrying balloons.

Next…a name for the little guy!

Baby Boy Ruf (1 of 1)


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