21 Weeks

February 26

I’ve been feeling a lot of movement now and I just love it! Andy can’t feel it yet but give it a few weeks and I bet he will. The baby is closing in on a pound and then by my next appointment at 24 weeks, he should be close to two pounds. Holy smokes!

Babycenter says this is what the little man looks like this week.

Baby, fetus at 21 weeks - BabyCenter

Nothing has really changed for me this week except I’ve been very sick. This feels like the worst cold I’ve ever had or maybe it’s just that I can’t take any good meds. Andy is sick with the same thing so we’re a hot mess. We’ve never caught the same bug but I’m guessing with my crap-tastic, pregnant immune system, I’m going to catch pretty much anything. Stay healthy ladies! It’s no joke.

With both of us being sick, we’re also trying to pack. Next weekend is our big move to Eastern Shore from the big city of Annapolis. We’re moving from a two-bedroom condo to a three-bedroom plus office house. We’ll also have an attic and a basement. Yay for space to spread out! Boo for leaving Annapolis. We’ll be closer to Andy’s family but farther from mine. 😦 Thankfully it’s only about an hour away. An added bonus…we’re renting Andy’s parent’s old house, so our little one will start his life in Andy’s childhood home.

We’re so very lucky to have this opportunity. I’m going to be working from home mostly full-time and Andy will now be just 25 miles each way from work instead of 50. I have to pop into the DC office (2 – 2.5 hour drive) a few times a month and of course travel to our events. I feel like we’ll have a life together instead of spending 4-5 hours total commuting each day. Not to mention what this will do for our gas bill! Woohoo! We were spending close to $500 each month on commuting and that doesn’t include the wear and tear on the cars, especially Andy’s.

Something I’m very excited about with the new house is it has a ton of natural light! Our condo is so dark and there’s about an hour of sunshine a day that makes it in. Not good for someone trying to become better at food photography.

No pics this week. Sorry! Between moving, feeling like crap, and boxes filling the house, let’s just say I wasn’t in the mood.


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