30 Weeks

April 29

Baby boy has found mama’s ribs! Awesome…

He’s also found a nook in my left hip where he likes to dig around. I’ve been feeling this for a few weeks but as he gets larger, oh my! I wouldn’t say it hurts, it’s just uncomfortable and awkward feeling. There’s a little bony lump I keep pushing out of the way. A fist? A foot? Even when he jabs me or it hurts a little, I still love it. I love feeling all his movements.

Baby Bubba is still growing like a weed and so is my belly. The books say he should be gaining about a ½ a pound I should be gaining between ¾ – 1 lb a week from here on out. Really? Here we go!

We might have found a rocker! It’s the ugliest darn thing you ever seen but it’s soooo comfy and cheap. I could sleep in this thing for days. We’ll probably look a few more times to see if we like anything better but, we might just end up with an ugly, overstuffed, old-person’s house rocker. Oh well!

We leave on Saturday for my last work trip and I’m anxious to see how I’m going to hold up. Andy is coming with me to help me out and just in case. I’ll be on my feet a lot and will have very long days. We’re also taking a 36-hour trip to Monterey at the end. We might be too exhausted to do anything but at least we’ll be at the beach. Fingers crossed for some amazing weather and that baby stays right where he is!


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