31 Weeks

May 6

Little man’s second trip to San Francisco and he’s certainly had an interesting week.
This is my last work trip (besides a day trip to Philly) until next October. I’ve been looking forward to this week but mostly just to have it done with so we can focus on baby. I work for a non-profit company doing event planning and this week we had three events back-to-back with each overlapping a day. Hectic, but fun.

We’re going to have to have a guest post from Andy on his adventures in SF! Andy joined me in San Francisco for a few reasons. 1) We kind of like each other and like being with each other, 2) I didn’t know how big the belly was going to be by 30 weeks and just how much pregnancy was going to effect me at this point, and 3) it’s just nice to have an extra set of hands onsite at my conferences. At the end of the conference, we took a 36 hour trip to Monterrey.

California_May 2012-1803

Andy was a huge help and the rest of our staff loved having him around as well. He schleped boxes, stuffed bags, did surgery on broken signs, ran errands, and was just so helpful! We paid him in beer and food.

Baby did pretty well this week though being on my feet for 5 days straight put us both into shock. I had my first Braxton Hicks this week and I’m sure it had to do with being on my feet. I tried very hard to stay hydrated and sit when I had the chance. Hopefully, next week, they’ll taper off since I’ll be at my desk again.

I assumed I’d have crazy charlie horses this week since I’d be on my feet and in heels but thankfully, only one tiny one. Phew!! Every time I went up the escalator, I’d use the 30 second break to stop walking and stretch my calves. Maybe that helped?

The belly grew big time this week. I could be crazy but my theory is I spend so much time at my desk on a regular basis that gravity finally took over. Maternity clothes that kind of fit last week, definitely fit this week. It could also be the sourdough bread I ate on the first day. Andy and I might have had a loaf each! It’s that good.

The flight home was interesting. He’s still digging around my hip. I spent half of the flight leaning to the right to try and keep him out of there.

Overall, it was a good week and now that we’re home and the conferences are done, we can really start getting ready for little man.


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