32 Weeks

May 13

32 Weeks-1887-2

It feels so good to be home with my conferences over. We can focus on baby, knock a few items off our to-do list, finish a few books (I’m in the middle of Hunger Games!!) and try to enjoy these next two months.

No big news from this week’s doc appointment. Heart beat is good, he’s still head down, Braxton Hicks have stopped, and my weight good. I also double checked with the doc to make sure that when baby is digging around, I can push him right back. 🙂

Weight gain is right at 16 pounds. A couple less than the books say is “normal” but I’m eating when hungry (plus some) and the doc hasn’t said anything. I thought this didn’t happen until much closer to the end of pregnancy, but I’ve already found I can’t eat as much in one sitting. I just get too full and uncomfortable very quickly. I’ve always been a snacker, so eating smaller, more frequent meals hasn’t been an issue.

A few people ask me what I’ve been doing for workouts these days. Since we moved, we no longer belong to a gym. It’s a bummer but I’ve made it work. I have a few DVDs that I swap from day to day, plus I try to walk on nice days.

Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout – I really like this one because it has different workouts for each trimester and a full and short version of each. This one seems more tailored for someone who has been active prior to pregnancy so I appreciated that. Doing the same workout for three months straight does get a bit old so I bought a few others.

Denise Austin Fit & Firm Pregnancy – I got this one near the end of my second trimester. Had I purchased it earlier, I might have been bored, but now I love it. It has great cardio but isn’t too strenuous. If you’ve been active in the past, you’ll probably find the 20 min cardio to not be enough. Combined with one of the 20 min strength training portions, it’s just right.

Yoga Pregnancy: Pre and Post Natal Workouts – This is good for those days where you just have no energy or need some good stretching. I’d been having a bit of back pain and tightness and thought some yoga might help. I’ve done yoga here and there throughout the years and find this DVD to be a bit easy. I’ve found it’s a good one to combine with another workout. Also, it’s been great for keeping me flexible as the other two DVDs focus on cardio and strength training.

Most of all, keep moving! I really think it’s helped me in keeping up some energy and feeling better overall.