34 Weeks

May 27

It’s about time to have a comparison. Yep, I’d say there is something cooking in there.



22 Weeks                                                         34 Weeks

This week we had a doctor appointment and the 3D/4D appointment.

First was the doctor appointment. We met with the PA and she was awesome. I don’t think this will change our mind about moving to the midwife practice though. She said my fundal height is a measuring a bit small. She’s not too concerned but we should keep an eye on it for the next appointment. She gave us an order for a growth ultrasound if we wanted to go ahead and get it done anyway for peace of mind.

At first, I wasn’t concerned. But then, it just churned all afternoon and I got worried, so…we’ll definitely be going for the follow-up. Plus, I like seeing the little guy.

Because she noted him/me being a bit small, I asked her about my weight gain or lack thereof. She said she wasn’t concerned because everyone is so different. She said to just keep an eye on it and indulge a bit. I should be gaining about a pound a week according to the norm and I haven’t gained a pound in almost three weeks. Oh, how things have changed in 8 months. I bet I won’t have this concern in about 6 weeks! 😉

After the doctor appointment, we had our 3D/4D sonogram. Seriously??? Baby Ruf didn’t cooperate again! He still has his head buried and they just can’t get a good view of him.  Apparently, I have lower amniotic fluid (not too low) plus, he’s got his face nuzzled right on the placenta and buried behind my hip. All of these make it hard to get a good view of his face. After about 5 min of planking and being on all fours, he moved just a bit for us to kind of see him.

He looks like…a baby.


Big yawns!3D-Sonogram-2

Here’s a few pics from the awesome baby shower my two sister-in-laws threw! Aren’t they the best? Love them. Thanks girls!!!

Awesome cake made by Andy’s cousin. It looks just like the invitations, which the girls came up with b/c of my blog name, and then added little crocheted cowboy boots (another story behind that).

Baby Ruf now has his own designer onsies. What a cute idea!

Cutest table decorations and favors. Inside the pouches (which they sewed!!) were chocolate dipped pretzels, then secured shut with a diaper pin.

Baby Ruf isn’t complete without his own Detroit Lions attire!

They’ll kill me for posting this but it was the only pic with the two of them.