35 Weeks

June 3

Everything is still moving along and the belly is getting bigger! Some days I just can’t believe there is a little 5-ish pound little one inside my belly. It’s pretty amazing.

We had our first appointment with the midwife practice this week. It’s definitely a different experience compared to a normal OBGYN office. They did the weight, pee, and blood pressure test. Then they listened for the heartbeat and little man kicked the midwife! Oops! Maybe it’s because she said he has a bony butt. 🙂 She said I am measuring a bit small but that I could just be a bit smaller and that’s ok.

They asked me why I was switching practices so I explained my reasoning. To my relief, she said a lot of people change towards the end of pregnancy because just like me, they don’t really start thinking about the delivery until much closer to the due date. We talked about epidurals and my concerns and said we can definitely decide the day of. We talked about inducing, and while I didn’t ask how long they’ll let me go after my due date (should it come to that), she talked about their goal in not inducing if at all possible. Overall, it wasn’t a long appointment but I did feel very pleased with our decision to make the switch. The only thing that surprised me is that she said I didn’t have to come back for two weeks.

Because she didn’t need to see me for two more weeks and because I’m just nervous, I went ahead with the follow-up sonogram to check Baby Ruf’s measurements. I just needed peace of mind in knowing he’s doing ok. This week, every movement or lack of movement has had me on edge and assuming the worst.

Of course, he’s measuring just fine! He’s still got super long legs and they are measuring a week ahead of everything else. She said he’s measuring about 5 lbs 8 oz (give or take 8 oz). And, he has hair! Can’t wait to see what color it is. Andy was bald for a long time before growing in beautiful blond hair. I had very light brown/strawberry blond hair. I hope he gets my curls.

Baby Ruf sucking on his fingers

Working out – Whoa! It’s getting harder and harder every day. I do find that the days I don’t workout, I’m more tired. Guess I’ll keep at it!

Hormones – I haven’t really been too emotional or had any crazy mood swings (you can ask Andy for the real story) this entire pregnancy. Over the past few weeks though, I get these over-the-top urges to cry. I don’t really know how to describe it but it’s overwhelming. I haven’t actually broken down and cried but it’s that I get the urge, think I’m going to lose it, then it passes. Weird.

My mom and maid-of-honor, Elli, hosted my other baby shower. It was awesome and everyone was so generous. One of my dearest friends, Sarah, happened to be in town (all the way from Switzerland) and she’s 30 weeks pregnant with a boy! The three of us have been through everything together and it’s so cool to be able to share this with them. Thanks to everyone who came and showered us with tons of love and an insane amount of gifts!

Baby boy bumps

Judy made this gorgeous quilt!

cousins Stacy and Rhonda

Boston – 3 months 

Traci and Beverly

Lydia and Mom

Mothin-in-law, Robin 

Lydia and Casey


Pat (Godmother), Stacy (cousin), Kyla (Boston’s mommy)

Sarah and Carly