36 Weeks

June 10 – 16

Eeek! 4 weeks left. I have to keep reminding myself (and others) that 4 weeks could mean anytime now.

I’m slowing down…guess it had to hit me at some point. Overall, I’m still feeling good but everything is getting a bit harder. Sleeping, walking, breathing, eating, working out, etc. One day I just couldn’t get the energy to work out so I tried a 30 min walk at lunch. Whoa! That was hard work. The next day though, I was feeling great again. Guess there will just be those days.

Apparently, Baby Ruf has NOT slowed down. I caught him in action this week. Check him out!

He’s also inherited a hiccuping problem from his mama. The poor little guy gets them at least once a day. I wonder if they feel the same floating around in the amniotic fluid? For his sake, hopefully not!

In other big news, I officially have a full outie. I think the little guy has been messing with it from the inside all week. So many of his movements have been right behind my belly button. Thanks Lil’ Dude.

My office threw us a shower this week. Wow, are we feeling loved. The gave us our car seat and base (yes, seriously!!) and others bought Baby Ruf clothes, toys, and so many fun things. They even brought in the cutest little cupcakes.

baby shower cupcakes

We’re in love with the RockABye pirate rocker they gave us to match his nautical themed nursery. They have some other very cool designs on their website. Aren’t they adorable?

Thanks to everyone. What a fun day!