Tuxedo Cake…kind of

Remember last week I said I’d be posting about the Tuxedo Cake? Well, sometimes bad things happen. I wish all of my attempts in the kitchen were successful. Sadly, they are not. Some are disasters.

I was so excited for this cake. Chocolate cake with a whipped cream frosting and a chocolate glaze. Yummm-mmmyyy!!!

Long story, short…the cake crumbled on itself. As I put the cake together, each layer crumbled the one below. It was a mess. Thankfully, it was a tasty mess.

Instead of a beautiful three-layer cake, I made two trifles. One with just the cake, frosting, and glaze and the other I added cherry pie filling. It was delicious! Ugly, but delicious.

So, instead of looking at my terrible attempt at this cake, check out these lovely blog posts from other Project Pastry Queen participants.

The next Project Pastry Queen assignment is a lovely fall treat! Hint, hint – I’ve already made it and it was NOT a disaster. 🙂