5 Weeks – How We Found Out

November 5

For some strange reason, I woke up in the middle of the night with an inkling to take a pregnancy test. There was a line but it was faint. I left it on the counter and went back to bed. Of course, I didn’t sleep the rest of the night. Didn’t all the books and websites say that any line, faint as it might be, is still a positive? Andy also got up in the middle of the night, saw it on the counter, then came back to bed and fell asleep. We must have been REALLY tired. His brother did get married the day before…

Once we both woke up that morning, I said to Andy, “Ummm, we might be pregnant.”
“Yeah, I saw that on the counter but you didn’t say anything so I thought I was reading it wrong.” I told him I didn’t want to get too excited because it was still very early. You see, I’m fairly certain we had a very early miscarriage earlier in the summer. Of course, I’ll never know but it still put a fear in me that this wasn’t going to ‘stick.’ I decided we’ll take another test on Tuesday and if it’s positive, I’ll call the doctor.

Sure enough, two days later it was positive! I called the doctor, got an appointment for the same day. They just drew blood then sent me on my way. Two more days of waiting. I just wouldn’t believe the home test. Yep, they called us back on Friday and congratulated us.

I’m not really feeling too much different body-wise. Just a bit of bloating. Pleasant huh?  The girls hurt but not too bad. It’s kind of like what they’d normally feel like this week.

Emotions? Nervous. I’ve only had little moments of excitement. I’m quite the anxious type, so I am expecting the worst. Andy keeps trying to keep me calm.

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