A Different Kind of Cooking

We’re talking a very different kind of cooking today! Bun-in-the oven kind of cooking. 🙂

Andy and I are expecting our first baby, due July 17. We’re already 18 weeks but don’t worry, I’ll catch you up on what you’ve missed.

So, what have you missed? The first trimester. Sick, tired, feeling fat and bloated. Sick, tired, etc. Sounds fun, right? Really, I have been documenting each step, so I’ll be adding multiple posts per week to catch you up.

We’ve even taken a few pictures of the non-existent bump. We were sorta waiting for a bump to show before we started the baby blog since that all people really want to see on the blog.

To get you started, visit Week 5; the week we found out we were pregnant!


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