23 Weeks

March 11

A VERY good week.

#1 We’ve got a REAL bump. It seemed to appear within a day…on Monday. Maybe it was the Mexican food and eating out for two days over the weekend, but it’s here!

#2 Andy got to feel the baby kicking! We were sitting in the office and I felt a pretty strong kick (it could be a punch but if the baby is punching that hard already, we’ve got problems). I told Andy to come over and put his hand on my belly and Baby Ruf started kicking again. Love it!

With the good, has to come the bad, right?

Pains. Working out has been a bit painful, but before you yell at me to stop, sitting hurts too. It’s just things stretching in there and making the bump.

Weight gain. Bummer. It had to happen sometime, but in the past two weeks, I’ve gained a few pounds. That puts me at a total of 9 and it’s not all baby. 😦 As long as I continue to eat well (with a few splurges, of course) and keep up my working out, nothing else I can do! Yes, I know I’m growing a baby, but seeing the scale go up is still never fun to see.


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