24 Weeks

March 18

Remember that bump that appeared last week? I think it’s now doubled. This should have been a hint. I went into the office one day this week and the reaction of a male coworker was “Whoa!” 


We also had our 24 week appointment. It was supposed to be the standard appointment plus the follow-up from the anatomy scan they couldn’t finish at 20 weeks. Unfortunately, the doc’s office messed up our appointment and didn’t have us scheduled for the ultrasound. When I asked the doctor about it, her response was “Well, we’d only be checking for things like cleft palette and things like that so, we wouldn’t be doing anything until after the birth anyway.” Yeah, sorry. We still care and would actually like to know things like that ahead of time so maybe we could talk to a doctor or a surgeon. Ugh…frustrating. We had to pretty much beg to see the little guy but it wasn’t the ultrasound tech so they couldn’t finish the anatomy scan. Either way, we got to see him and yep, it’s still a boy!


After the appointment we traveled into DC to see the cherry blossoms. The weather was perfect and the blossoms were stunning. I’ll have a blog and lots of pictures up soon.

The nursery is making progress, and thankfully I’m not feeling stressed about it. After my questions about finding some cheaper nursery furniture, a few ideas came up. A friend made a suggestion about a store I’d never heard about, we found a changing table and bookshelf on Craigslist, and Andy’s coworker was selling their crib. SCORE!!! Andy has a little work to do on the changing table and bookshelf, but overall it’s in great shape.

We bought something for the little guy’s room. Here’s a sneak peak.

crab crib sheet

Perfect for a Maryland boy! After finding this, the overall look of the nursery is going to change but just a bit. We’re now going with white furniture instead of a dark wood.

Now to decide the rest…


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