26 Weeks

April 1

The first part of the week we were still in Austin. Hopefully, I’ve convinced Andy we need to move here. Ahh…love it!

Surprise, surprise! Only a one-pound increase from the vacation. That means I’ve officially hit the 10-pound mark. My guess is I’ll start to pack it on in the next few weeks.

Little man is a whole 2 pounds now! Crazy how it took 26 weeks to get him to 2 pounds and he’ll gain probably at least 5 more in the next 14 weeks. Yikes!

After we got home, Baby Ruf hadn’t really been kicking as much. It was making me nervous but he was definitely still moving and we were still hitting the “at least 10 movements in 24 hours.” I was about to call the doctor when he must have realized he was making his momma nervous. He was going at it ALL day!! Maybe he just need a little rest from such a big trip.

We started our baby registry this week. How the heck do people decide what to put on the list? It’s so overwhelming. About the only decision we’ve made is to not really put clothes on the registry because people will give you lots anyway. The lists at the stores tell you to put so much on the registry that we just don’t think are necessary. But, what do we know?

Thankfully, we have friends who are due any day, so we’ll just watch them closely to see what does/doesn’t work. Thanks guys 🙂

Here’s a few items we cannot make a decision on. Any advice would be sooo appreciated.

  • Car seat – infant or convertible? If we pick one, how will it work with the stroller?
  • Stroller – do we get a full-size, car seat carrier, jogging w/ car seat attachment, or all three?
  • Bedding – this one isn’t too hard, we just need to do a little more research.
  • Bottles – Oh, where to start? I think we’ll get just a few and see which one little man likes best.
  • Baby carrier – I think I’m going to be a huge fan of these but which one(s) to choose?
  • Diaper bag – thought this would be an easy one, but a friend pointed out that you probably don’t want to carry your purse and the diaper bag so I should look into a nicer one (she suggested Coach – ain’t gonna happen) that works for both.
  • Cloth Diapers – Yes, our chosen route (for now). We think we’re going to order a couple from a few different brands, see what works for us, then invest in more. In the first few weeks, we’ll use more disposable.

Help! Anyone?

If you’ve missed any bump updates, they’re all posted here.


5 thoughts on “26 Weeks

  1. Emily,
    I love that you are doing this blog and I wish I would have seen it before we got to visit with you a few weeks ago because I have something to say about all this stuff. There are so many things I would have done differently when my kids were little, but in the end it was okay because I had them so close together. Like spending big $$$ of everything top of the line. So, here’s the BIG question, that you might not know the answer to….”When will you have your second child?”

    Huge/Convertible stroller was miserable for me, I used the car seat carrier and then when they are toddling move to the small umbrella. If you like to jog, you will need a jogger. Bedding? Make sure you aren’t a “family bed” mom before spending BIG $$. Bottles, you will want to pick some that you can get anywhere not just the specialty baby store. Baby Carrier – I can see you using one although my close pregnancies prevented me from it. Diaper Bag – Have a nice selection to choose from – big bag for EVERYTHING, small bag for quick runs, a mommy purse for just a bottle and a diaper. Make them all bags that Andy would be ok carrying too (except the Mommy Purse 😉 ) – Eddie Bauer made bags way back then.

    You and Andy are going to make GREAT parents ❤

    • Such good information, Vicki! Thank you. We’re so happy we started the blog as well. It’s such a great way to capture the memories during this time. The pictures have been very important to Andy but some of the times, I really am just not feeling so camera ready. I know I’ll be thankful though. I’ve got weeks 6-17 documented but just need to get them on the site.

      So, we think we’ll have #1 and #2 close together, though probably not as close as yours. It’s an interesting thing to bring up b/c while I’ve thought about the timing, I haven’t thought too much about how it will affect purchases.

      Bedding – We’re confused on the registry suggestions. It lists multi-use pads, waterproof pads, fitted sheets, and sheet savers but of course the actual items in the store aren’t even called by these names. We haven’t figured out the difference between all of them. I figured you just put a waterproof sheet on then a fitted sheet on top. We did get our furniture second hand and Andy is refinishing (lucky to be married to a very handy guy). We also found our very expensive crib sheet new on ebay for about half the price.

      Good suggestions on the diaper bags. I’ve felt guilty about having more than one but no I don’t feel so bad. 🙂

  2. – Car seat…definitely infant (there will be a hundred times baby will be sleeping and you’ll want to just carry him in)
    – Stroller: Phil and Ted…it’s kind of all three in one and worth the money!
    – Baby Carrier…if you mean a front pack I recommend the ergo (I’ve tried the ergo, bjorn and moby wrap and like it the best)
    – Diaper bag…good advice from your friend 🙂
    – Cloth Diapers…if you want to talk about it I would love to share what I know. We bought the Flip diapers and love them. My sister in law is going to start the Gdiapers soon so I can let you know if she likes them, but I’ve learned a lot so I am happy to fill you in. They’re worth it, and yes…disposables at first are nice.

    🙂 You look great by the way

    • Awesome advice from someone who’s in the thick of it. Thanks Bailey!

      It’s intimidating to think of spending so much on a stroller but I know being active will be very important to us.

      Thanks for the info on the Ergo. It’s at the top of our list so you just solidified that one. Yay. One decision down.

      I may need to come over and check out your stash of diapers. The one brand I like best so far is Charlie Banana but again, it’s hard to say that without having a little bum I’m using them on.

      Thanks again, Bailey and I hope your new family of three are doing great!

  3. Hi Emily,
    The only thing to add about the diaper bag is make sure it is easy to wash. Also, the car seat is easy to wash. I thought the infant car seats you can carry were heavy but I was pregnant while I had one baby still in the infant seat so it makes a difference. Also, my local police station provided the free service of checking the car seat to make sure it is properly installed. I always liked light weight strollers but I didn’t use them much since they don’t work the best in snow. I used cloth diapers once and I had a diaper service with them. Good luck and what an exciting time!

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