27 Weeks

April 8

Oh, the leg cramps. Every night in both legs. Totally over this symptom.

I was emailing with someone the other day and I guess counting down didn’t seem so scary until I actually wrote to her that we only have 13 weeks left. Oh my! 13 weeks. Except for a few moments of panic, I’ve been fairly relaxed about the baby. Not so much anymore.

13 Weeks – and that’s assuming he stays in until 40 weeks. Really, we should plan on more like 10 weeks to be realistic and be prepared. I’m typically a very organized person (I am a meeting planner in my work life.) but this whole baby thing has just thrown me for a loop. Really, is there anyone that’s prepared for a baby? I don’t think so.

So, here are a few things we’re thinking about this week:

  • refinishing baby furniture (Andy’s job)
  • cleaning out the nursery (right now it’s storage!)
  • discussing our birth plan
  • breast feeding – Had a minor freak out about this one. Nothing that a 4 am Amazon book order didn’t cure.
  • Glider/Rocker – can’t find one we love 😦

Besides thinking about baby, this is my busiest time for work. We have three conferences in the first week of May out in San Francisco. The good news, they’re in the same location. The bad news, they’re three separate events. It’s killing me. So thankful that I work from home because the work days have been 12+ hours days since we got back from Austin.

Plus, insomnia has begun. OVERWHELMED…but we’ll make it through.

There is this other bundle of joy in our life who makes me forget about the craziness. Our two-year old nephew, Nate. On Easter, I asked him if he knew what was in my belly. He said “baby” and at the end of the night when he was saying bye, he gave the baby belly loves. His version of giving loves is tilting his head and leaning in towards you. Aww!

Nate with his new “razor and shaving cream.” I can’t help but to take blurry pictures of this kid b/c I’m always laughing too hard.


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