28 Weeks

April 15

Holy smokes! We’ve hit the third trimester. Not only does this freak me out a bit but it’s also very reassuring. At this point in his development, he has better and better chances of surviving if he were to come early. Of course, the longer he’s in the better, it just makes me feel a bit more at ease.

I had another follow-up comprehensive appointment this week. They were supposed to just get the measurements of his profile, but since I went to a different office, they wanted to do the whole thing again. I was definitely not disappointed to see him again, but I would have like Andy or my mom to be there too.

Guess what! Little man didn’t cooperate…again. He had his head buried down in my pelvis and wouldn’t budge even after an hour of flipping from my left to right and lots of poking around by the tech. He was active the whole time but just wouldn’t move his head. The tech told me he’s getting too big to get the correct measurements since there’s not as much fluid and, the earlier the sonogram, the better the measurements since every baby develops differently. After the doctor review the results, they’ll decide if we need to come back a 4th time. Whoa!

I know it looks like a profile but supposedly, it’s not the exact angle they’re looking for.

I’ve been feeling lopsided for a few days now. Guess I wasn’t imagining it. With his head down, his body is curved up my left side. I’ve been feeling this round something on the top left of my belly. I now think it’s been his bum. His feet are just above my belly button. So cute to think of this guy all curled up and comfy in there. So cute, except I think he sits on my bladder.

With one of our earliest sonograms, we thought he looked like he had long legs. But, I also thought it might be my imagination. Nope, not my imagination! His femur length is measuring 1 week and 2 days ahead of the rest of him. He’s got his momma’s long legs!


His estimated weight is 2 pounds 7 ounces and due date is a day earlier (July 13) than last time. The tech also told me the weight is estimated within 6 ounces and the due date within 2 weeks.

We’re just happy to know everything is looking good!


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