29 Weeks

April 22

Yeah, now we’re talking a real bump!

29 Weeks (1 of 2)

We had our 28 week appointment (a bit late) which was the glucose test. I passed. Yay! While there, the doctor mentioned they’d try again to measure his head. Again, I thought this was a routine visit with NO sonogram so no one came with me. They got it this time. Barely! His head is just buried down there. Everything is measuring fine and the doc says I’m good to travel for work in a couple of weeks (last trip).

29 Weeks (2 of 2)

So, I’m pretty excited about having a real preggo belly but, it’s already hurting me. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s so low, but I’m getting A LOT of pressure and joint pain. I’ve even started wearing a support band when I work out.

You can also see that my belly button and skin are doing weird stuff! The button isn’t an outie but just strange looking. It still gets tender here and there too. My skin is a bit red and a bit splotchy. I guess it’s just the stretching.

And, the leg cramps continue. I have about one small one every night. They’re not too bad but one night, OUCH! I’ve never had a charlie horse like that. It was so bad, I was limping for a day. It makes me cringe when I think back to it. Wow, that hurt!

Even with my complaints, I still think I’m having a fairly easy pregnancy.

Andy set up the crib this week. Well actually, he set it up twice! He started setting it up in the living room while I was cooking dinner.

Me: “Do you think that will fit through the bedroom door?”

Andy: “Yeah, sure. No problem. I’m about 93% sure.”

Me: “Ok”

20 minutes later…

Andy: “So, it’s not going to fit through the door.”



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