25 Weeks

March 25

Our little guy’s second plane ride and he only made mama get up twice during the flight! Andy and I took our Babymoon to Austin for a whole week! It was fantastic. We probably planned too much and definitely ate too much but I joked that I’d gain all my pregnancy weight on the trip. We’ll see what the scale says upon return. We’ve been staying plenty active to help negate some of the indulging.

Austin (3 of 3)

Baby Ruf has been doing some serious acrobatics this week. One night, Andy was fast asleep and I’m sitting up giggling in bed because I was watching my stomach move. I swear he was dancing or something. I finally woke Andy up because it was too much fun not to share.

Leg cramps. Charlie Horses. Whatever you call them. OUCH! I’ve been getting these almost every night. It could be from all the walking but I hope these don’t last.

Other than that, not much going on here. I’m feeling pretty good and my energy levels are hanging in there. Just happy to have had a real vacation where both of us could completely check out and just have fun. Scared to think about going back to work!

And look! The belly kind of grew (pardon the first day of vacation sleepy eyes and the white legs).

Austin (1 of 2)


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